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‘If I close my eyes, it’s easier to hold onto a memory. When I open them, I think it might really be there in front of me.’


After three tours of duty in Afghanistan, Liam Andrews is home safe in Queensland. His weekly life drawing class, full of colourful local artists, helps him manage his post-traumatic stress disorder. But he’s struggling to open up about a past that still haunts him.


Belourine ‘Billy’ is an Afghan refugee who lost everything before arriving in Australia as a child. She finds joy in her daily swims in the lake. After years of upheaval, she’s still searching for a place to call home. But her past makes it hard to trust people.


When Liam and Billy meet, they form an instant connection. But will they ever overcome the past? And will it be together?


A moving story of love, loss and resilience from the author of Two Heartbeats.



‘Rhonda is one talented Aussie author….’ Chapterichi.com



When I read Rhonda’s work, I think "authentic". There is no pretense. Just raw, honest and beautifully crafted characters and dialogue. The MadHatter Book Reviewer


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When Jess heads west for a fresh start in a small mining town, the dusty, outback plains are a far cry from her former life in the city. Despite having no knowledge of country life, she finds herself loving the isolation and local people who she lives with. All she has to do is keep her head down and work hard to create a better life for herself and Johnno, the only person she has ever truly cared about. 


As relationships develop and change, Jess discovers the caring warmth of a welcoming family and a circle of friends who look out for her. She begins to feel that maybe for once, her life is heading in the right direction. 


However, problems arise when her temper and stubborn nature collide with her new boss Daniel, who is suspicious of her background story. Has Jess told him everything, or is there a hidden secret to justify his earlier distrust of her?


With a cast of eclectic characters, set amidst the rugged outback of Australia, Two Heartbeats is a story of friendship, resilience and the hope that ultimately loving relationships may triumph over obstacles defined by the past. 

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Loved the setting, loved the characters and loved the story that had me intrigued and hopeful until the very last page. What a great read and once again, a little different than the first two books published by the same author under the name Lea Davey. Thank you for such a beautiful Australian story! I can't wait until the sequel. Sarah - Goodreads' Reviewer


This is the third book released by the author and the first written under the name "Rhonda Forrest" (the previous two books were released under Lea Davey). What can I say? I am so proud of what this woman can do. She writes these amazing rural Australian characters and these amazing everyday stories with these beautiful Australian settings and as I said with her previous two books "totally authentic" The Mad Hatter - Reviewer Goodreads 

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What was it that two best friends, Ruby and Bobby, witnessed from high up in the sanctuary of their tree house? What chain of events will be pushed to the back of their minds, until a court case twenty years later, triggers memories and secrets that have remained silent?


The rural suburbs of Brisbane should have been an idyllic place for Ruby and Bobby to grow up in. Their tree house retreat, set high in a mulberry tree gives them a safe place, to not only share their friendship and problems but to also watch the events of the yards nearby. However as the years pass and the two become teenagers, the naive Ruby is exposed to the sinister events that Bobby has to deal with in his family life.

When the two friends, eventually go their separate ways, the childhood events become a distant memory. However, when evil deeds are exposed years later, Ruby and Bobby are forced to face up to the reality of what they saw so many years earlier.

This is a story about the secrets that children keep, the strength that comes from a childhood friendship and a special family love that overcomes the hardships of the past.


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My first feelings of Silkworm Secrets are of delight. Lea Davey completely impressed me with her follow up novel to The Shack by the Bay. Silkworm Secrets is an emotional and moving novel. Ruby and Bobby’s story reminds us the durability of love, the strength of friendship and the power of the human spirit'  Mrs B's Book Reviews 


Silkworm Secrets by Aussie author Lea Davey absolutely blew me away! It was beautifully written – filled with deep emotion and heartache, love and an abiding friendship, it also covered a range of sensitive topics, from child abuse, mental health and domestic violence. The author had me in tears on a number of occasions. I thoroughly enjoyed her debut, The Shack by the Bayand Silkworm Secrets definitely didn’t disappoint. Highly recommended

Brenda - Reviewer Goodreads 


Lea Davey has a way with words that automatically draws you into the story, it doesn't feel like a story, it feels like an experience! You will find your mind wandering back to your new friends and wondering how they are getting on long after the last page was turned! Silkworm Secrets was a highly enjoyable read, and I strongly recommend everyone to read Lea Davey's work, she is a phenomenal writer with a true gift!  Angela - Reviewer Goodreads 


An isolated fishing shack on a beautiful bay in the Whitsundays provides Luke with a retreat where he can find peace and solitude. However, the discovery of family war relics, and a developing relationship with the beautiful Lily, connects family histories and reveals a story that threatens to destroy his chance at real happiness.

Will the wartime secrets prove to be the breaking point for a beautiful romance? Or can two families put the deeds of the past behind them?

Romantic and purely Australian, The Shack by the Bay captures the pristine beauty of the Whitsundays and the wartime memories of older Australians while introducing an eclectic blend of friends and family.

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This book moved me to tears in many places, sad tears (while on a bus, tad embarrassing but the emotion over took me), and happy tears which left my heart happy. This was an absolutely magical read, one in which will remain with me for a long time after turning the final page.  Angela - Goodreads' Reviewer 


Great read; fantastic book. Living near the Whitsunday region, I could relate to the locations mentioned in the book. This brings back memories of a fishing shack my family and I have stayed at. I enjoyed the storyline; very descriptive, takes you away to another place. I would definitely recommend!! Donna  - Reader North Queensland


Growing up in North Queensland, I could relate to the visual descriptions of the coastal landscape and the small fishing community in this novel! The added historical connections to WW2 also added another layer of interest! The romance and the different character relationships was authentic and believable! Is there a sequel? This novel comes highly recommended! Colette - Reader

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