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BOOK 1 - We'll Meet Again Series

'If you talk to the stars, I will talk back to you.'

In 1941, Queensland drover, Michael McTavish leaves behind his young daughter Gracie and joins the 2/22 AIF, his destination, Rabaul, New Guinea, a small town surrounded by impenetrable jungles and steep jagged mountains, its shores lined by tranquil bays and active volcanos.

Joanie has also arrived in New Guinea, with a chance to manage a trading store with her father, Reg, too exciting an opportunity to pass up.

As the tendrils of war creep closer to the islands north of Australia, some who call Rabaul home are given an opportunity to return to Australian shores. Others have no option but to stay. Will separation and distance affect the destiny of those who live in the path of the approaching enemy or will the power of love prevail?

Based on actual events, Elizabeth's Star begins the story of Michael and Joanie, unfolding the lives of their families and friends while following the life of Gracie, a little girl left behind when her father went to war. A sweeping historical novel based on actual events of the 1930s and 40s set amidst the backdrop of outback Queensland through to the tropical islands of New Guinea.

A moving tale of love, loss and separation.

Elizabeth's Star

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