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THE LURE OF THE JEWEL SEA - Romance in the Whitsundays. You won’t want to leave!

When her friend Frankie asks her to officiate at her wedding in the Whitsundays, Kathleen agrees to fly in and fly out. A quick visit and then back to the comfort of the Gold Coast. Maybe then she'll be able to work out what direction her life is headed.

The heat of summer and the plagues of insects reinforce her idea of life in the north and she’s excited about returning home. She just needs to get the wedding out of the way. However, fate intervenes, a business opportunity arises and decisions need to be made.
Amidst the heat of the tropics, there is also a romance brewing and the business venture is not the only challenging question she needs to ask herself. Will she take a chance, or do what she’s always done and take the comfortable path in life?

Lure of the Jewel Sea

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