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***A stand-alone story with some links to the other books in the Outback Queensland Romance Series (Two Heartbeats and Time Will Tell)

When Amy takes up her first teaching position in an outback Queensland town she feels like her life is going ahead in leaps and bounds. However, her new boss doesn’t make life easy and she begins to question her choice of career.

Angus, a third-generation local, also struggles with life in the small town. A mistake made in his youth haunts him and stops him from letting anyone get too close

As the two become friends and hostilities within the small town come to a head, Amy and Angus are faced with decisions that could take them in an unknown direction. Should they trust their instincts, turn left, and leave their problems behind, or would staying and facing their adversaries be a better choice?

A Queensland outback story about friendship, family, and love with some unexpected twists and turns in the road.

Turn Left

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