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Rhonda Forrest


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Meet Rhonda Forrest

From an early age I developed a love for books and although there were many busy years, working and bringing up a family, I always continued to read.

After traversing several different careers, I studied as a mature age student and today continue to mix a teaching career with writing and travelling

A life-long love of reading has now also grown into a passion for writing and for creating novels that encompass the beautiful landscapes of Australia, the amazing history of our land and people and the eclectic characters who all call Australia home.

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August 7 Release (Postage within Australia)
Elizabeth's Star is a moving tale of love, loss and separation, inspired by real events that occurred during World War II
in the Pacific. Book 1 begins the story of Michael and Joanie, unfolding the lives of their families and friends while following the life of Gracie, a little girl left behind when her father went to war.

'An absorbing, sweeping saga that harks back to a period in Australia’s pre-World War II history that has been largely ignored. Compelling historical authenticity based on research and familial connections to this era.   Maree Page-Gear


The Eagerly Awaited ...


The tranquil setting of Tamborine Mountain joins 
forces with the Queensland outback to continue the 
story of Two Heartbeats. Time Will Tell - a rural love 
story  where friendship, hearts and romance entwine.

'I was so excited to read the sequel and find out
what happened to Jess and Daniel. Loved, loved, loved Time Will Tell. I look forward to reading more of this author's work.' (Linda - Reviewer)

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Silkworm Secrets is a tale that will continue to resonate long after you have said goodbye to this book. The combination of a compelling storyline, characters you grow to care for and the true Australian setting makes this an easy five star read.

Mrs B's Book Reviews

The Shack by the Bay is the quintessential Aussie novel with your very well crafted (and oh so real) characters, your unique Queensland landscapes and typical Aussie lingo/slang. Authentic. That is the best way to describe this beautiful, little, Aussie treasure. The story line moves at a snail's pace, but it doesn't feel like a slow read. It feels refreshing and made me feel that I too have had a peaceful reprieve for the craziness of life in my own (mental) shack by the bay. 

Two Heartbeats by Aussie author Rhonda Forrest (aka Lea Davey) is a story of second chances; of hope; sadness; love and trust. Set in the vast and drought-ridden Australian outback with nothing but dust, flies and heat for company, Two Heartbeats is another emotional novel from an author I thoroughly enjoy. Highly recommended.


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